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Joel Banks

Casual Portrait and Sport Photographer

Hello! My name is Joel Banks and I am a freelance creative sports photographer based out of our beautiful capital city, Fredericton NB.

I specialize in creating images that capture a special moment in time that athletes will remember for years to come. I accomplish this by taking photos in the athletes’ medium (rink, ball field, soccer field, gym, etc.). I attend the event, watch, wait, take photos and capture the emotion.

I try to pose shots as little as possible, relying instead on capturing the natural, organic moments as they come. I like the natural expression and the moment.

My style is considered “photo-graphic”. This process/combination of blending the person/subject with some creative thought allows me to create a unique competitive image. The final result of the image(s) is to combine the clients request and capturing a moment.

Please visit my Portfolio or my Custom Poster Section and see some of my favourite images from a selection of my recent family, sports and other work.

Click here to see my Portfolio

- Joel Banks

P.S. If you have any questions about my work or would like to talk about working together, please don't hesitate to get in touch using the "Contact Me" link above.

My Services

First things first.  I am always open to new challenges and ideas so please feel free to contact me, however that said --- I'm a sports portrait person. I do not shoot weddings, or family events. I would consider corporate shots, Pet photography and certain special requests.

Please remember I create custom images that reflect a certain style. I try to capture the moment. The image of  the person and reflect your son, daughter, or friend doing  something they love. If I am lucky I can capture that emotion and  create a photographic reflection of their passion;  them in their element. :)   

As far as pricing goes --- there are just so many variables that come into play that I really need to talk to you first.

So send me a message and let's connect.